GXW4108 Set Up Question


I was helping my friend set up a Grand Stream 4108. Their FreePBX 2.5 distro crashed, and they did not have a backup, so now they are setting up V13.

I was able to get it working where they can recieve and place calls using a guide I found on this forum, but what I could not do was get my routes to work. Thave 3 analog lines coming into the box. We went through and created accounts for each line, and trunks. I was able to get incoming calls to work, but all outgoing calls show up as 1 caller ID.

While reading the instructions, it said I needed to specifiy a port for each trunk if I wanted each trunk to be treated seperatly. I tried that several different ways, I set the port in the Trunk settings, and on the Grandstream box, and basically, if I set the port to insecure, it will work, but everything will go out over 1 trunk, but if I set the port to a specific port, it will fail.

Any ideas?

I configured several GXW4108 before, if you try to explain exactly what you are trying to accomplish, I might be able to help with the configuration, just let me know.