GXP2160 alternatives? Need largish BLF

Got a couple of GXP2160 phones in for testing. While I like the 24-button BLF, I’m not so keen on configuration options. The phone doesn’t seem to support ftp, but does support tftp, http, and https. But via tftp, it doesn’t seem to consistently check for a new configuration on boot. You can reset to factory defaults, and then enter your tftp server’s IP address and then finally reboot again and the phone will come up. Make any changes on FreePBX OSS EPM, though, and the phone doesn’t seem to pick them up after a reboot unless you start over and reset to factory.

And a bug for setting type of configuration server often causes the phone to revert to http (the default).

I’d really like to find a phone with a 24-or-so button BLF that works well with FreePBX. I have to support remote phones and everything is on Tier-1 carriers so I’d prefer to find phones that can grab their config via ftp.

Any suggestions?

Sangoma S700 Phone. Works great and lots of features and built for FreePBX by the FreePBX team.

I have iver 200 gxp2160s and changes are always updated when phone is rebooted. Make sure you have the epm set correctly.

Such as tftp checked in the template and the correct address

Tony: Those look okay but limited # of BLF buttons, and a little more than I’d like to spend.

JawJar: The other problem w/ the GXP2160 is that it doesn’t support ftp, just tftp, http, and https. So not really ideal as remote phones (of which I’ve got maybe 15). So w/o any VPN, I don’t have a good way to get the configuration to the phone. I’d have to get https running on the FreePBX I suppose but have a different document root for https than for http (so I can still access the FreePBX configuration pages). Or I’d have to put the configuration files on a different http server but then there is no security.

It has plenty of BLFs. 45 buttons. And native VPN to FreePBX along with HTTPS, HTTP, TFTP or FTP provisioning. I suggest you try one out and see for yourself.