GXP1400 Firmware Does Not Update


Just bought 2 Grandstream GXP 1400 phones. They both have firmware versions However, the newest version is (http://www.grandstream.com/support/firmware). The phones are not downloading the new firmware :frowning:

I have tried changing the Config and Firmware file path to firmware.grandstream.com , but they do not download the new firmware on reboot.

I tried two different TFTP servers, and nothing. No log is generated, and the phone does not connect to the TFTP serer. The phone has internet, can pull weather app and connects to FreePBX no problem. Firewall disabled, allow all IP’s etc. I am at a loss here :-/

I dont think TFTP is working at all. It will not pull the XML app I have in the TFTP directory. No server logs, so is not connecting :frowning:

Any ideas?

Thank you