GXP 2170 transfers

Hey all,

When my clients receive an inbound call to their phone system, they pick up and the caller states they need to be transferred to a different extension. Once that call is transferred to the next endpoint, when the user picks up their handset or hits the answer button, they hear a “busy signal” and the caller gets their voicemail.

Anyone else experience this and find a solution? My clients are using Grandstream GXP 2170 phones.

Can you post a call log?


I am using Free PBX: and Asterisk Version: 15.5.0 if that helps ring any bells. As for the call logs, let me see what I can do. Updates to follow.

Sorry if this seems like a dumb question, but isn’t there a lot of info in the call logs? Is there a way to be more specific on what you need me to post?

Get a call log from a failed call

Pull the information from the /var/log/asterisk/full log for the period immediately surrounding the call. On each line in the file, you should see a PID/Thread number (in square brackets), so if there’s a LOT of interaction (a really busy server, for example) you can narrow the scope of the call down a little bit using that as a filter.

So…we got this issue resolved. We ended up downgrading the firmware from to and their system is now working perfectly. Everyone at my company is using with no issues but I think, for what ever reason, their network did not like the firmware.

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