GV Stops working after router restarts

compiled from source
asterisk 11.2

motif doesnt fully disconnect at end of call nor does it reconize broken sessions.
google voice stops working after router is reset. (Untangle)
I have noticed after making calls channels stay active after I hang up , not on asterisk but the rtp streams which i can see on my router sessions. it seems while they are active i can not make anymore calls.

Also when i make changes in router and do soft reboot, motif will not reset untill i do amportal restart… even if i wait days
so everytime my router restarts i need restart amportal as well.
what asterisk version do the distro freepbx use?
or do anyone have anyway to fix this, i played with all settings, and even trydn forwarding google ports athough it wasnt nessaccery.

My issuie is simular to this post :