GV Lines with Simonics can't do inbound

I’m in the process of rebuilding my home pbx. After many many years of running PBX In A Flash sadly I cannot move along to 3cx because there are features in FreePBX that I need. So I have my trunks setup and I can make outbound calls just fine and even on my 1 paid trunk I can receive inbound calls just fine. However my 2 GV trunks that we have when an inbound call comes in and you answer the phone it just hangs up right away. I cannot figure out from going through the logs what the config issue is. Yes I am using an ACL for Simonics because I’m anal like that and while it is fun to watch little hackers try and hit my server and get denied its just easier for me to shut it down right at the door. I’ve double and triple checked my configs against the samples that Bill posted on his page and everything looks correct. Has anyone else ran into this in the past? Thank you all for your help with this and I can’t wait to get onto moving onto my next piece which is to rebuild my IVRs.

Hello, review the logs and perhaps a SIP trace to see what’s going on. If it hangs up right when you answer then my hunch is a codec mismatch and the PBX isn’t willing to transcode. GVGW offers g711u and gsm.

Yes @billsimon you are once again amazing.


Added that to the beginning of the PEER details and I can hear myself. Thank you very much

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