GUI White Screen in body, header and footer are ok at install

Good afternoon,

As much as I tried to follow with others that may have the same issue as me, something doesn’t work on installation.

What is happening is at installation the GUI is working, but when the file is run, whatever comes in that update disables the ability to view the GUI.

I am using the latest beta, however all versions that I have do the same thing. I have simulated this in the lab setting and now at the cloud level with different servers and machines… So I know its not machine specific.

I am also running VSP ProxMox which IT DOES work in the lab setting but again in the cloud setting it does not.

If anyone has any way they can help me with this. Thanks.

Don’t use beta software maybe?

It works fine in stable, what browser are you using?

and what is “VSP ProxMox” ?

I use Proxmox all the time with no problems ( at least with VM’s, containers take a LOT more work, I don’t recommend doing that)

Anything that works under your control and NOT under another’s is probably their fault, who can help you there?


My guess is that the “VSP ProxMox” is giving you a “container” , see above :wink: . . .

Thanks. I am using the same version of proxmox vm on my lab machine and
both the stable and beta are taking some form of update that locks the gui.
It’s the pbx first run file.

Do you mean the beta distro?

Again, is this is that a VM or a container? they behave differently. and the latter will be a problem. It will be very hard to install a “distro” in a container.

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I am using a VM. And I did as you stated, backed it down to the stable (32bit) and same thing. What I did just a moment ago as a test, I dropped the internet connection so it could not update. I tested the GUI… 100% works great, but there are some updates missing that come with the PBX_FIRST-RUN.SH file in /etc

I read through the script, there is a whole new update that comes down from both DIGIUM and FREE PBX that load before the installation completes. Then this file plus the rc.local file are modified before the file is completed.

I also see how they custom design the GUI with the logo, the business name ect. So there are some secrets within this file.

Someone pushed an updated within the last 48 hours because now the lab computers are not working when I do the installation.

So I give up

Me too :wink:

IWFM but you will need an internet connection, but good luck

I have an internet connection… The issue is WITH an internet connection, the FIRST RUN file will run and install additional updates which CAUSE the GUI to FAIL!

I was going to post what my screen looked like but I am too new to upload

Those are hardly secrets. The code is open source.

I know. Being sarcastic

That’s interesting. I haven’t done a fresh install in a few days, but I’m doing one right now. I’ll post an update when it’s finished…

Confirmed internet access, and it’s downloading updates…

Final Edit: Worked fine. Sorry.