GUI updates won't complete

I’m continuing to have updates hang. It started earlier with just Endpoint manager which I posted about and updated manually with Putty. But it’s spreading. I had troubles last week and now I can’t complete again today. For example after it stopped earlier this morning I clicked the X box to close the window then the Apply Config tab in red at the top. I went back out to check for updates since I knew it had never completed the list. I selected just one item, System Admin. It downloaded it and started the installation. It got as far as “Updating tables sysadmin_options, sysadmin_update_log, sysadmin_fail2ban…Done” and then hung. To me it looks like it’s completed this time but it never comes up with the Return button nor the Apply Config. It must not have actually completed because when I check for updates, it’s back again saying it needs to be updated.

I still have several other modules to update but I can’t even update them one at a time. I am ready to do the System update to the new version but given that I can’t complete even a simple GUI update I’m scared to try and to a full system update. I don’t have a backup system and have low confidence that the backup and restore version is usable as I’ve had bad experiences with it in the past.

Is there a command do update all of these in Putty? Putty seems to work just fine. It’s the GUI that’s broken.

Ended up needing to reboot the entire system but with no System Admin module working had to do it via Putty. It took longer than usual to come up after the restart but it did come up. I again attempted to update System Admin via the GUI and it succeeded this time. I’m now updating each item marked for update one item at a time via the GUI but of course will skip the Updater tool for now. Endpoint manager is downloading, but slowly. This is the module that has stalled on me repeatedly in the GUI but finished in Putty the last time. I’ll give it an hour or so and see if it ever finishes the download in the GUI this time. It downloads quickly in Putty. It’s just the GUI that’s broken.

What are the specs of your sever? What about your network connection?

I’m running a Sangoma FreePBX appliance hosted on fiber locally. I’m running FreePBX and Asterisk 13.38.3

I aborted the hung module update and went to Putty. I did a #fwconsole ma downloadinstall endpoint, which only took a few seconds, followed by a # fwconsole restart then checked the GUI. It only shows the PBX Updater module as needing updated now. The endpoint manager is OK. This is the same thing that happened about 14 days ago when I had updates too. The GUI just hangs, but Putty gets it done quickly.

I’m guessing this is a browser problem or something locally on your computer.

Updates from the command line are easy. fwconsole ma upgradeall will do a full update. fwconsole ma upgrade <modulename> updates an individual module where <modulename> is found in the listing fwconsole ma listonline

When I was having the same problem 14 days ago I tried with three different browsers. All had the exact same problem. In fact, they’d get to the same point in the download (83-89%) and then just hang.

I have seen a few complaints and the previous may have been endpoint manager too. It is probably the largest module as all the data it needs is stored locally. They have recently added even more to it so I am sure it has grown a bit in the last few months. Upgrading from the CLI may be necessary, at least for endpoint.

Good to know. I had other modules hang before it ever got to Endpoint Manager but that is the module that pretty much consistently hangs.

Given these issues I can’t help but wonder how likely I’ll have a hang during the update to the new system version. I think I’ll run that from the CLI right from the start and then cross all fingers and toes.

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