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(Ken Curtis) #1

I have a FreePBX that has been rining for a while.
This week it have stopped allowing login. It does not show the login windows. It flashes an error to check the console. The console is showing a referenceError modules not defined. Can anyone help with where to start getting access again?

ReferenceError: modules is not defined

jQuery 2
Source map error: Error: request failed with status 403
Resource URL:

(Ken Curtis) #2

Is it possible to to run an install to upgrade to the latest and would that restore my access to the GUI without loosing messages and box info?

(Dave Burgess) #3

While it may not seem like exactly the same issue, there was a thread week-before-last about stuff that sounds a lot like what you’re describing.

See if any of the suggestions in there might help. In particular, look for the ‘fwconsole’ commands that might update a module that didn’t get pulled in correctly.

(Matt Brooks) #4

I think this is the same bug. A new version of voicemail was released yesterday. I would upgrade to the latest version to see if this resolves the issue:

voicemail v14.0.6.12
voicemail v15.0.18.14

More information can be found on the issue that @cynjut linked to.

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