GUI Stop working after update PHP from 5.1 to 5.3


I am using asterisk (in linux virtual box) version 1.8.11 and Freepbx version 2.10.

It was ok and running but I needed to install Extensions Routing Module, which informed me that only works on php version 5.3.

I used yum to upgrade php version from 5.1 to 5.3 and all when ok and now I have php version 5.3.23.

However, after that, I can’t log into the web interface. When I open I get login and password and after that I get Erro HTTP {500 (Internal Server Error).

The asterisk is working and also the extensions. Only the web interface is not.

How can I solve it?

thank you

Sandro Herek

Turn on errors in php.ini, and if you get undefined function dl() then you have the same problem I have had and it is coming from the digium addons module.

On line 72 of the digium addon file you can comment our that line and your gui will return then you can uninstall the digium addons and then your gui will be normal. I am also looking for a php 5.3 freindly version of the digium addons

Hello Impala,

I have done what you recommended, and the module is already removed. Thank you.

I have other problem now.

Each click I do I go to the login page and the home screen (status system) is completely broken. How can I send you the print screen?

Thank you.


Never mind. I restart apache and it worked.

Thank you