GUI or CLI reboot seems to hang? PBX 15.0.16

recent convert from pbxiaf.
having a seemingly odd issue - when I attempt to reboot either via the GUI (SYstem Admin-reboot) or via CLI (‘reboot’), the system seems to hang.

it is going offline but never re-connecting… On one such instance i physically went to the device, connected a display, and it was showing ‘rebooting’… for 30 minutes.

I am reticent to think this is either normal or expected. I’m using 15.0.16, and have done NOTHING to one of the two boxes - was actually trying to get one of them setup the first time.

Is this expected? Am I doing something wrong? This hardly seems to be the robust distribution that I left PBXiaf to ‘escape to’…

Should not take 30 minutes.

You need to monitor while it’s rebooting what it’s getting stuck at.

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