GUI method for storing ivr choise on db

i was exploring the report given by freepbx about calls. What i can’t find is information about the ivr choise done by someone. After seeing some post in this forum it seems it is not a default feature but it can be achieved by editing/overriding the ivr setting so that it can connect and write on a custom db table.
What i would like to know is if there is some GUI method to do it that i didn’t find or if my undestanding is right and this is the best course of action.

I’ve done this in the past by using a Custom Destination that writes a value to CDR(userfield) and then have the IVR choice go to the Custom Destination before it then goes off to where you need it.

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thats seem good, but how did you decide from the custom destination where to go, did you do n custom destination for n ivr choise or did you do a single custom destination with n Gotoif depending of the choise?

This ^^, one Cust Dest per IVR choice. That will work for a reasonable number of IVR options, but will not scale well.

ok that’s certainly a way. but it would be better if i can send the IVR choise as parameter to the custom destination to reduce the number of custom destination to the number of IVR and not IVR choise.
For doing that have i to manually change the dialplan of the ivr so that it can send the information or is something that i can get free because the custom destination is the next action?

For certain IVR configs, the selection is stored in the channel variable DIGITS. You could use a hangup handler to write that value to the CDR on hangup. It’s fair to say that the DIGITS var is a byproduct of how the IVR is coded, so there is no certainty that a future coding change won’t alter it or remove it. It will also be overwritten with each IVR the caller steps thru.

Thinking further, you may get much better mileage from the third party Dynroute module instead of using the IVR module. It has an option to store the user input in a variable

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