GUI Login Problem


I have been having a problem since almost 6 months now. I can not ligin to the FreePBX GUI. When I enter my credentials I get wrong username/password response.

Every time this happens I have to unlock the session using SSH and amportal commands.

Any fix to this?


You’re probably using the wrong username or password.

Tell us more. Clearly we don’t have any idea what you’re talking about.

Thanks for your reply. I just managed to do it now. I was talking about the web GUI administrator user login. Every time I had to access FreePBX using my browser, I was getting wrong usernmae/password. So I had to unlock the session by using SSH.

Luckily I got it fixed. I deleted all users and created only one new user, and it works! I just tried it now and it works.

Nope, I’m sure I was using the correct user/password.