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GUI language

(Lionel Bardinet) #1

Hi, i’m looking where to change the GUI language ( not sounds, i found the module) to French.
I’ve done a yum upgrade , but the settings /advanced settings / system setup/ default language just shows en_US.
My freepbx version is 10.13.66

What should i do ?

Thanks for help.

(Andre Carvalho) #2


In terminal You need configure the locales with: “dpkg-reconfigure locales”, and choose the option of the your region at the planet.

Good look.

(Itzik) #3

You can just just click on the top right language section and change to whatever language you want

Set default language gui

I wasn’t able to find that language switching icon, did some more research. Finally found that you have to enable it in the advanced settings, Show Language setting = yes