Gui crashed Can't convert custom provisioning address

Can’t convert custom provisioning address ‘’ into a valid URL. This must be in the format of protocol://host:port - Please re-enter

I haven’t changed my end point manager, this just started. I checked all my templates and I have only IP addresses for provision server. Selecting the TFTPor HTTP should pick the port, shouldn’t it?
I have TFTP selected.

The issues was one of the extensions was using a template that was deleted.
Found the extension and change the template to one that works and now the error is gone.

How did you change the template? In which file(s)?

I get the same “Whoops” crash, even after restarting the computer running the web browser (which is how I access the GUI), rebooting the FreePBX/asterisk host, and upgrading asterisk (/etc/schmooze/pbx-version = 10.13.66-17) (it was 10.13.66-17 before the upgrade so this should have been a no-op). Underlying freepbx is 2.6.32-642.6.2.e16.x86_64, a newish install (and I’m quite new to FreePBX and asterisk, although I have a lot of Linux sysadmin experience.

I first got this problem after adding a new extension. However, searching the config files for that extension’s number don’t reveal anything obviously wrong. Note that I can’t use the GUI to fix this 'cuz any attempt to use it gives me the crash.

Help? Anyone?

Thank you.