GUI always defaults to firewall->networks

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I have 9 free PBX systems built. All are running on VPS servers at CyberLynk. 8 of the 9 function normally, when I login I get the dashboard as the default screen. 1 system always defaults to the firewall->network screen. Its not complaining about anything and I have run the wizard a second time just to ensure everything was set but every time I start the GUI its always on the firewall->network screen?? Additional notes, 1 PBX is FreePBX 15, 8 are FreePBX 14. The one giving the problem is one of the FreePBX 14 installs. All are distro and all have all updates applied (both fwconsole and yum)

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FYI this has been solved. The issue was that I had “bookmarked” the page while on the firewall screen. Once I realized this and re-bookmarked on the home screen the issue was resolved.

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