GSM Trunk to DISA


I’m relatively new to Asterisk / FreePBX. I have setup a PORTech MV-372 GSM Gateway. It works well as an outbound gateway, however as an inbound gateway I would like to direct all calls to a DISA I have setup.

In the MV-372 you specify an extension to transfer inbound calls to, and it functions similar to a SIP phone, when a call is received it simply passes the call to the specified extension.

My problem is I don’t know how to address DISA as an extension? One way I can see would be to setup a ring group with a 1 second ring time, that forwards unanswered calls to my DISA, and have my MV-372 forward inbound calls to the ring group, but this seems rather crude. Is there a way I can directly dial my DISA?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I have Portech MV-370 acts as a trunk (Incoming and outgoing), the incoming is routed to DISA. The following link has a detail description of my setup.

Hope this help.


My configuration is slightly different I have the MV-370 behind a NAT Router in Europe and my FreePBX box in America on the INternet. I have tried your configuration but the MV-370 does not register as a trunk ( an extension , yes) trunk, no. What change should I make to make it work, VERY NEW to Asterix and tto the whole Open Source realm…

Thanks in advance