Groupadd error in kickstart

I’m trying to install the Distro onto an old Toshiba 3490ct. The machine has no bootable CD-ROM device or USB, and only 256MB RAM. The install is going into a 6GB unformatted extended partition on the HDD, with dual boot (WinXP and CentOS/FreePBX-Distro) managed by GAG.

Given the absence of bootable drives, I created a VM to test PXE install and used the latest Distro (4.211.64) first. With a few edits to the ks and extracting the kernel and initrd to enable PXE boot from my NAS, this worked. I got several softphones running on PCs and Android. So I booted the Toshiba off the same PXE setup, without success.

After messing to avoid errors from ipmi_si (not supported by a 1999 machine) I eventually realised that this Distro won’t install with only 256MB and I had given the VM 512MB by mistake ! So I created a new VM with 265MB and switched to the 1.817.210.58 Distro, still via PXE.

The install completed and the VM booted fine, just like before. So I booted the Toshiba with apparent success on the install and boot too. Logon at console and over SSH was working.

But when I go to use the GUI of either Toshiba or VM from Chrome on another PC, I find that no web server is started. It can be started manually over SSH, but then fails to serve and logs fatal errors on PHP calls for function “getAmpAdminUsers()” according to error_log.

Looking into the kickstart log, there are multiple WARNING messages, but nothing that looks serious except the ERROR messages for the %pre, which fails on “groupadd -r asterisk” (which is the second statement, and I assume this failure kills the remainder of the %pre including copying the kickstart scripts into the %post environment).

I can find a couple of posts on the boards for this groupadd issue and also for the PHP function call, but none describing a solution/workaround.

This is my first venture into Linux, let alone FreePBX or Asterisk, so would greatly appreciate anyone giving me some pointers.