Group Voicemail

I am currently running, a fully updated Freepbx installation but am struggling to define a virtual extension that will be used for Voicemail only (for out of hours puposes)

PBX Service Pack:

I have tried both ‘None’ and ‘Custom’ extensions and have set voicemail as on. Though each time the extension is dialled I get the message “…an error has occured” as if their should be a device at the end or voicemail is off. I would have hoped that if there was no end point, it would go straight to voicemail. (again I could be missing something fundemental in my config)

If I check in voicemail.conf I can see the extension along with the defined password, as well as all the parameters for attaching to email.

Could somebody give me a heads up on what I am missing. I have trawled the forums and google, but keep ending up back on old Trixbox articles which don’t offer much help.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for any suggestions you may have.


I just did the same thing with a “None (Virtual)” and it worked just fine. I’m using an older version of the Distro (, however. Even when I turn voicemail off, I don’t get an error message, just a reorder (fast busy).

What happens if you create a regular SIP extension and just don’t have any SIP devices register to it?

Also, how do you have the “optional destinations” at the bottom configured?

I have tried with a regular SIP extension and I get the same results. I have now reveiewed all the extensions I have defined and intrestingly some, which have voicemail enabled and will have a SIP device, once I switch PBX’s, also get the response “…an error has occured”.

the optional destinations are set as default

No Answer - Unavail Voicemail if Enabled
Busy - Busy Voicemail if Enabled
Not Reachable - Unavail Voicemail if Enabled

I am now confused as to what might cause this. If you have any other suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.