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I have PBXact UCC with Sangoma S500 phones.
Customer has and area with 9 phones and each phones has its own DID. There is also two Ring groups in the area. 8 phones belong to Ring Group A and 2 phones belong to Ring Group B.
Customer wants to to able to have any user press a group pickup key and answer the first call that rang in whether it is a DID call or a ring group A or B call.
They are coming off a Noretel Centrex system where they can do this by dialing 1111
Is there a way to accomplish this in PBXact?

Thanks in advance for any help.

You can do that. You need to set up the pick up group number for the extension and then dial the group pickup code in order to pick up a ringing extension.

If you set Call Groups and Pickup Groups to (say) 1 for every extension, then any extension can dial *8 (or whatever you set for Asterisk General Call Pickup) to pick up any call in the system.

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