Group DND

Hi. I tried looking for this but was not able to find it. Here is my question. I am a small office of just 4 phones. I am trying to get it if we all go to lunch one person can hit the DND and it will send all the phones to DND. It’s setup now with a ring group to ring all the phones when a call comes in. Any suggestions?

Yes check out call flow control module and set a day/night key up on the operator phone.

Ok. I set up a flow toggle control. i set it for 0 code index
I put normalflow to ring groups and to all my phones
overrided flow (red) to voicemail busy

Then saved it and it gives me a note at top that *280 wil toggle flow mode
I got to phoen and hit *280 and it says 0 is activated.
I call and it still rings like nomral. I set current mode to override.

Did you set your inbound route(s) to use the newly created call flow control?

lol. I swear I did that, but I double checked it and it was still set as my ring group. Maybe I did a rookie mistake and not hit apply config. Thanks for the help! It works now!

did you also know that you can record the messages the system plays when you dial the toggle.

I did not. Where is that done at?

you should see a “recording for normal mode” and a “recording for override mode”.

Thanks for the solution! This is something that I was wondering for a long time.

Most of our cusomters have 1 ringgroup and want to be able ta “activate” a single voicemail when there is a holiday for example. They want to do this without having to log on to FreePBX (wich is complicated for novice users)

This is the best solution that i’ve found so far. I’ve tried to forward to a voicemail, but that did not work, i’ve tried working with a follow me, but there was always something that did not behave like i would expect.

I’m lucky this is a fairly recent post, thanks again!