Green checkmarks on Advanced Settings / Green '+' on IVR page, no worky

I just struggled through installing freepbx & asterisk from sources on an OpenSUSE-12.1 64-bit system. Most things appear to work, but the green checkmarks on the Advanced Settings page and the green ‘+’ on the IVR page don’t do anything. I tried with Opera, Firefox, and even with the default browser on my Android tablet.

Is this a PHP issue perhaps?


Any help appreciated. I have working phones at the moment but want to set up more than the minimum system.

Before the question gets asked: Yes, I’ve checked the permissions on the /etc/* files, as well as run “amportal chown”.

OpenSuSE puts html directories at “/srv/www/htdocs” instead of “/var/www/html”. I’ve made tweaks in many pla/srv/www/htdocs/admin/bootstrap.phpces to fix them (symlinks, php files, etc) as well as adding symlinks to recreate the /var/www/html and /var/www/cgi-bin paths temporarily. I used “find” commands to catch the incorrect symlinks, and more find’s w/grep through htdocs, /var/lib/asterisk, /usr/lib/asterisk areas looking for code that called out the incorrect paths. Fixed whatever I found.

Could the issue have something to do with javascript? Apache2 or PHP5 settings that don’t allow changing files outside known heirarchies?

I get no waiting icon and no red “Apply Config” on the Advanced Settings page, the green arrows do nothing (other than the “Save” hover text). The green ‘+’ image on the IVR page doesn’t do anything either. Most everything else I’ve tried on other pages works fine.

Got it! Edited this file: /etc/apache2/default-server.conf

Replaced “None” with “FollowSymlinks” in “Options” section and restarted Apache2. Now both the IVR and the Advanced Settings pages appear to work correctly. While I was in that file I also changed AllowOverride to “All”.

For anyone else interested in running FreePBX/Asterisk on OpenSuSE-12.x, I mostly followed the instructions here:

But I had to change the web root to “/srv/www/htdocs” and the cgi-bin directory to “/srv/www/cgi-bin”. I probably changed a few other things, and did a whole lot of hand-tweaking paths and symlinks after the install to match the new html root. I must have missed some edits early in the install.