GraphQL How to remove a value (such as outboundCid)

I am hoping someone can tell me how to update values using the GraphQL API to be “blank” or null. For example let’s consider the following mutation to update an extension wants to to remove the existing value for outboundCid.

mutation {
        input: {
            extensionId: 101
            name: "api test"
            outboundCid: ""
            vmEnable: true
            umEnable: false
            clientMutationId: "test1234"
    ) {

The mutation doesn’t error but it doesn’t update the outboundCid field. I’ve also tried using the null key work instead of an empty string which doesn’t seem to work either. Does anyone know how to remove/delete a value that is set?

just fyi - A pull request i.e. Log in - FreePBX GIT has been up to fix this updateExtention API. Next core module release will have the fix.

Thank you for that! Do you have any guess on when that module will become available?

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