GraphQL: Create extensions with PJSIP configuration for WebSockets


Thank you for FreePBX, a complexe but very usefull solution.

I am trying to implement a web phone solution, I was able to manually create some extensions and to connect to them using SIP.js.

Now I need to create a simple web interface for a service that handles the created of extensions.
I started wokring with GraphQL, and simply enough thanks to the freepbx-graphql-client node package, I was able to add, delete and list extentions.

The problem is I can’t seem to configure the extensions created through GraphQL to work with websockets.
I am still fuzy about what parameters exactly matter to tell the truth… but I think I need to set these parameters:

Enable AVPF: Yes
Enable ICE Support: Yes
Enable rtcp Mux: Yes

Enable WebRTC defaults: Yes
Media Encryption: DTLS-SRTP

Enable DTLS: Yes

1/ Can somebody please telle me how do I set all these with GraphQL?

2/ If not possible, can I clone a preconfigured extension

3/ If none of the above… what should I do?

Thanks a lot in advance. :pray:

For thoose looking for an answer, I solved this by editing the default values in PJSIP.class.php.

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