Graphql and pushing data to another system

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Been a while since I have touched FreePBX.
I have an installation of FreePBX.
I’d like to get the input entries from caller to my IVR.
That data would be pushed to another graphql end point to be consumed.
What’s do I have to do to capture the inputs and send it?

(Itzik) #2

Right now, there’s no built in functionality that stores the IVR selections.

You can easily do so with the Dynamic Routes module and then build your API…

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@slobera in Sangoma support demonstrated this at a recent Open Source Lounge (next one is tomorrow night) where he used Dynamic Routes to get DTMF input from the Caller, send the values to graphana and then used the value to branch the call. It required stringing a few dynroutes together, but worked great.

(Phineas Vang) #4

i am really weak in the voip domain space. does the current api allow me to send data to other systems? our do i have to somehow store it in freepbx backend and then retrieve from there? seems like you both are saying it will be some amount of work.

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This is all essentially Linux. There are a hundred ways to do any given task. You can do all of them in your preferred scripting/programming language. Some stuff is easy, other stuff more difficult. It all depends on what you know and it’s not voip specific.

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