Graphical interface for Queue management


I am looking for an application (webbased if possible) that can do:

-queue wallboard
-queue statistics
-adding agents to queue
-show agents status
-easy to use (drag and drop ?)

Does anybody have good experience with one ?

Gr. Bart.

You can try it for free and decide whether it is useful for your use case before purchasing any license.

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated nor have any commercial connections or relationship to FOP2, I just happen to use it in my deploys for clients that require such functionality.

Also call queue stats, from the same company Asternic.

It really depends on your expectations.
As mentioned earlier, FOP2 is good if you’re running a call center as an Agent’s operator panel.
Beyond that, if it comes to statistics and reports, the system I run (call center for a few agents) relies heavily on customized Grafana dashboards and a Python script for analyzing call logs and creating reports we need.

Cant recommend queue wallboard. It looks pretty good and it should work well, but it doesn’t.

There is no demo, and after purchasing, it doesn’t work. Even though it does come with a year of support, the vendor will not help you resolve the issue. Super bad experience actually. Complete waste of money.

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