Granting access to specific records (no extension/user)

I gave DISA configured to allow specific users to dial in, enter a code, receive a dial tone and call out using an internal CID. This is only a temporary solution while I setup VPN access for them. However, one of the managers was requesting access to these call logs and I can’t figure out a way to grant access on a granular level like that. Both the UCP and the admin ACL only allow restricting by user/extension.

Any idea/suggestion on how to configure granular permissions for FreePBX modules?

Create a user for the manager. You can allow him/her granular access via the main admin panel.

I think there is a commercial reports package that might do this. Contact FreePBX Sales about it.

It’s a little more work, but you can access the “asteriskcdrdb/cdr” database yourself and get detailed information using MySQL or a similar ODBC connector through Excel or OpenOffice (I use OO for this). Set up the spreadsheet datasource to the database and table, then limit his access through a view stored in the table.