Grandstream Registration Failure

Ok, Newb here for the FreePBX world.

In my lab, I have 2 Cisco SPA5525G, 1 SPA504G, 1 Grandstream GXP2100.

The Cisco phones will load with the option 66 data no issue and register to the PBX.

The Grandstream just constantly reboots. When I navigate to the phones webpage, it kicks me out of the admin login every 10-15 seconds when it resets.

YES - the phone will work if I manually program in the accounts.

What I am attempting here is a fully dynamic load. IE: load the phones into the system then deploy them onsite. The helpdesk team unpacks and plugs them in, they get DHCP and they download their configuration from the PBX server.

Anyone with deployment experience with the Grandstream phones experience this issue?