Grandstream phones not able to register to newer freepbx

I have a handful of gxp2140 phones all on the latest firmware. All of them are able to register with my old freepbx/Asterix servers. I brought a new server online to replace the old one and I installed it with the latest freepbx distro.
The server settings are identical with the exception of the new server is the newer version. I am able to register to the server using X-lite so I do not think it is the server not working.
Does anyone know if there a specific setting change I need for Grandstream 2140 phones on Asterisk (Ver. 11.18.0) ?

The Old server is Asterisk (Ver. 11.12.0):
The new server is Asterisk (Ver. 11.18.0):


There should be no issues with registration on that version of Asterisk. We’d like to see what’s going on here. Please visit and create a support ticket and we can assist you with this issue.

I have already created a ticket. It is ticket # 20150624121017