Grandstream phones keep ringing after answered

I have an installation that we upgraded from an old AsteriskNow distro. They have a combination of Grandstream GXP-2010 and 2110 phones. I am using the commercial Endpoint Manager and have the first 4 keys set to “Line Keys” all on account 1. The rest of the keys are set to “BLF Keys” for other extensions and then 4 "Park Keys"
The customer complains at random times they will lift the handsets to answer an incoming call and it will continue to ring throughout the office.
The trunk is a SIP trunk from Globalinx and there are multiple cellphones that ring in some of the ring groups.
These phones worked well for them before but they were using Windstream for trunks and the system and network hardware has been upgraded since the system was in use. (They tried a hosted solution for a while and did not like it.)

All modules are up to date as of last week. All phone firmware is at the latest version.

The system is currently running on a Dell R210 II server with a Dell 2800 series switch with a Sonicwall firewall.

Any help would be appreciated…

I’m having this exact same problem with GXP2160 phones. Firmware updated to the latest. The entire sales floor keeps on ringing and ringing… Drive the client MAD!

I ended up switching out the phones to Cisco. I will evaluate when I can get time on a lab system. My next attempt was to drop back to one account appearance on the line keys. I didn’t get to try it yet and have yet to hear from anyone on the forums.
If you find a resolution let me know and I will do the same.

I’m running 90+ 2130s and a single 2160 all with the latest FW (.23) and not seeing this issue. In my case; newish install from 64 bit distro, all line buttons are assigned to account 1. Also, using Windstream PRI and no SIP trunks. Probably not all that helpful to you but may point to something other than the Grandstream phones.

Sounds like you could be correct. Maybe it’s a network or configuration issue. The system I originally posted about only had 12 extensions. The trunks are VoIP through Globalinx.

Anyone ever come up with a fix for this one? I have 40 2160’s and about a dozen are doing it.

No, I gave up and replaced the phones. I haven’t had that happen with any other brand. I’ve installed Cisco, Mitel, Aastra, Polycom, Yealink, Panasonic and Sangoma with no issues.