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Grandstream Phonebook


I need some guidance on how to configure grandstream phones to download phonebook from Freepbx (if it is possible).
I read this post which allows for specifying a phonebook.xml inside of the endpoint manager for Grandstream phones, but I’m unsure how to configure it.

Kind regards,

(Dave Burgess) #2

If I read the ticket right, you add a user/group/world readable/writable file called “/tftpboot/phonebook.xml” to your system with your phonebook entries is it.

Which part are you having trouble with?


I’m having trouble understanding how to configure a phonebook for the grandstream phones we use. We have EPM and I thought I could provision the phones that way with the phonebook, but I have to configure the phonebook first (which I do not know how to do just yet).

(Matthew B) #4

Read the phonebook.xml file that is in /tftpboot. Self-documented! (-;