Grandstream HT813 SIP Extension to get Dialtone From FXO Port

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Hello, I have a Granstream HT813, which has a SIP account registered with FreePBX. This HT813 device has an FXO and an FXS. I have an intercomm system that has an FXS card with TIP and Ring, that I have hooked up to the FXO port on this device. I was hoping that when I dialed the extension mapped to the FXO port I would get a Dialtone…I do not, instead I get one ring and then a busy signal. Does anyone know how I can dial this extension, and then get a dialtone on this device so that I can Page the system with *01, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


The FXO in that Grandstream is supposed to be set up as a trunk.

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Can you provide some guidance on how I do that? Is that all done on the HT813?


A part on freepbx and a part on the ht813.
Basically, create a trunk on freepbx with type peer and host=IP of the ht813
Then create an outbound route with a specific prefix that then would send the page code.

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Okay, I’ll try my hand at this. I may have some questions as I am new to this side of things.


The HT813 is basically a renewed HT503 so you can you use the recipes for that model too.

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Excellent…that should be helpful. Is anyone in those recipes talking to an intercomm system like me? With the configuration stated above? Maybe there’s one I could reference if there is.

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