GrandStream GXP2160 with EndPoint Manager


New to Grandstreams. Wonder if you could point me in the right direction to add vlans to my cfg file? We have 2 vlans - one for the phone system, and one for the PC attached to the phone


Hi Cavertom;

I suggest you open a ticket at with a mention of the phone model so that Grandstream engineers can provide you with the correct P-values that you will need to configure VLAN tags on the phone.


(JarJar Swope) #24

P=51 is the vlan tag for all grand stream phones. I have over 200 phones Deployed and never have had any issues.

(David Johnson) #25

I just setup a gxp2160, out of the box. Set the provision IP to my PBX and added an extension to the PBX with the mac address of the phone and booted the phone, it worked out of the box in seconds. The issue I have is how do you change the 24 programmable buttons on the side of the phone? The template for GXP2160 has 24 line keys and 24 softkeys. but the phone has 6 line keys and 24 programmable keys. setting the first 6 line keys updates the phone but nothing seems to update the programmable keys? Am I missing something? If I go into the phone I can program the programmable keys just fine but I want to push the keys from EPM. I don’t always have access to the physical phone after its been installed. Why doesn’t the template match the phone?

(David Johnson) #26

I gave up on polycom. Nice phone but could not get the programmable keys to load from EPM. Drove me nuts that on the VVX series you could not set specific buttons to be a specific appearance, they loaded in order of programming. If you added a BLF the buttons would shift on their own. You couldn’t make the bottom right button night mode unless the first 11 buttons were all programmed. Lazy programming.

(Byteguy) #27

I suspect you have probably got the 24 softkeys to work now. We have many of softkeys on the GXP2160 set in the EPM template and it works fine. Just looking at one of our templates, EPM calls them Softkeys.