Grandstream GXP2100 programmable keys

I have Grandstream GXP2100 phones which I want to program one of the programmable keys that when I press it I get the feature code *280 and the lamp turns red. I have the code entered into the field and the function does work. How can I get the lamp to change to red when activated?
Thanks for your help in advance. I am new at this and need all the expertise you can share.
Marvin B.
LaVernia, TX

It needs to be programmed as a BLF. Depending on the version of FreePBX you need to make sure the generate extended hints option is on.

Thanks. Will try tonight. We have version running.

Is that the same as Generate Dynamic Hints? With that do I need to set any other options?
Thanks for responding.

Looks like it should be: Enable Custom Device States set to yes. (But I use 2.11)

I have a 2100 sitting next to me…I set mine up with the line 4 key(on top) as my *280 button. Leaving the other buttons for actual speeddial or Call Park Pickup lines

And make sure you setup your key as blf and not speeddial.

It is set to true already. I want to use one of the programmable keys versus the top keys.
Any other suggestions?

Again…make sure you set it up for blf and not speed dial.

I love you thank you