Grandstream GXP2000

hi… i have problem with my gxp-2000, they dont want call other sip phones,
but call outboud calls.what i must set on my freepbx and phone settings?


well as soon as you work with say a snom phone or some sipura equipment you learn quickly that this hardware is pretty buggy

the wiki shows how bad the firmware is on these phones… I blam closed source firm ware for there problems… if they opened it up maybe loaded linux on them probably solve all there problems… heck probably become a better phone…

I will try to dig up the firmware i am running on the one I have setup at a office next time I am up there… so we can see or compare…

I really wasted more time trying to configure that phone then any other phone on the network

sell it!!

shame I like the look of it and the bright screen!!