Grandstream GXP1400 can't dial

Hi there.

I’ve got the FreePBX distro running on a hosted virtual server. I’ve been using it for a long while with some old Polycom IP500 devices. Works pretty well.

I just got a couple of Grandstream GXP1400 devices because I’m cheap. I’m using the OSS Endpoint module. The phones load the configuration just fine. I can call the phones and they work, but I can’t dial out.

I get a dial tone when I pick up the receiver. As soon as I hit any button, I get what sounds like a busy signal.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

I figured it out. Found this post:

I replaced the + symbol with %2B in the Dial Plan. For anyone else looking at this in the future:

  1. Click Connectivity > OSS Endpoint Template Manager
  2. Find the template you want then click the Edit symbol
  3. Under Dial Plan, replace each + with %2B
  4. Hit Save Template, then reboot your device to load the new settings