Grandstream GXP-2140 can't rebuild config

I just made a change to my config for Grandstream and couldn’t save and rebuild. After some testing I can save and rebuild for 2130 and 2160 devices but not 2140 devices!

This seems to be a bug can anybody else confirm?

Actually it is only when I have an EXT-2200 defined already for the user!


Are you trying to provision the phone ? What do you mean when you say save and rebuild ? Have you tried configuring ( registering ) manually ? Also, we would be glad to help you if you open a ticket with Grandstream Help-desk.

Thank you

Thank you for the assistance nebinur. In this case the problem isn’t Grandstream but is definitely a minor bug in the End Point Manager. I have a couple other minor issues, that I will go ahead and open a ticket with the Grandstream Help-Desk for.

In particular I seem to have a problem where the phone fails to pick up an IP sometimes and I need to reboot. I have deployed about 100 phones (all except for 2 Grandstream), and I get this randomly on different phones. The final MAJOR annoyance I have is that it makes all of the line keys says the extension number (and name), and if I change for example all of them but 1 when call waiting etc doesn’t work!