Grandstream early dial 484

My Grandstream phones have an early dial feature based on Asterisk handling of the 484 error. This allows no delay after hitting the last digit. When I upgraded to 2.3.0beta1 from 2.2 that featured stopped working. Is it possible to activate this feature in a config file?

I’m not familiar with that but in general such a feature would typically be Asterisk related and not FreePBX related. Did you change Asterisk versions when you upgraded?

I did not change the Asterisk version, I only upgraded FreePbx, no other changes were made to a configuration. If you have a Grandstream phone then turn on the early dial feature in the phone config and you will see the issue.

Here is some information from another site on early dial:

Early Dial means that the BudgetTone sends for each pressed digit a SIP INVITE message to Asterisk. Asterisk looks into its extensions and, if no match happened yet, it sends back a “484 Address Incomplete” message. Otherwise, it executes the action.

I also have the problem on another server where I am using Asterisk 1.4 on a new install.

The server above where I only upgrade freepbx is an Asterisk 1.2.18

you will have to get rid of bad-number context that is part of extensions.conf. You can just override it by declaring your own bad-number context in extensions_custom.conf and have it do nothing.

I added [bad-number] to extensions_custom.conf close to the top. The problem persisted.

I changed the name of [bad-number] in extensions.conf to [bad-number2] which fixed the problem.

Thank you for the help.

any changes to extensions.conf will be overwritten next time you do anything in the gui…

How can ‘bad-number’ be permanently disabled?

Overriding in a ‘custom context’ doesn’t work (i’ve tried it) and editing ‘extensions.conf’ is a bad idea,
so how do we permanently remove it?

I have a ZAPTEL card, which will not perform immediate dialling of a number because the wildcard in [bad-number]
causes asterisk to ALWAYS wait the 3-4 second dialling timeout. With bad-number removed, dialling is instantaneous
when a number matches the dial plan, which is what I want.

Secondly, I have a SNOM SIP phone with ‘overlap dial’, (same as GrandStream Early Dial) and with the _X. wildcard,
dialling always stops at two digits is immediately goes to the bad-number context.

I’ve disabled it in extensions.conf at least three times now, and its getting tedious…

How is ‘extensions.conf’ overwritten? Is it rebuild during ‘Apply Configuration Changes’ or only during module upgrades?


Try adding:


in amportal.conf.

See #2295 and additional information on amportal.conf variables in the dev wiki (which yes, does need to be moved in to a proper place in the main documentation area - it’s all ongoing.

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Excellent. Thank you.

AMPBADNUMBER: Set to false if you do not want the bad-number context generated which

traps any bogus number or freature code and plays a message to the effect. If you use

the Early Dial feature on some Grandstream phones, you will want to set this to false


This did not work. I restarted amportal, restarted asterisk, and then for good measure rebooted and the Early Dial feature does not work.
I had to do as above and comment out bad-number in the extensions.conf

Also I have never known extensions.conf to be overwritten by AMP as stated by danswartz above. I do not see the issue with just putting a comment in as I did below. Does this file get overwritten as some point by the GUI?

include => from-internal-xfer
;include => bad-number

I am using FreePBX

extensions_additional.conf will be overwritten by gui changes. the various config files like extensions.conf may be overwritten by updates and such…

You should operate under the assumption that any of the core configuration files could be overwritten at any point. This includes extensions.conf, sip.conf, iax.conf, etc. If you are not able to achieve customizations that you want by using the included files, then either ask others how to do such, or if you determine we are limiting you, file a bug. In almost all cases you can override anything we do - including overriding extensions_additional.conf auto-generated code if you really need to.

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Hi friends, i’m using custom-context module long time ago and i have ecountered a bug when you want to deny bad-number option to get compatibility with early dial features (grandstream for example) always are added to extensions_aditional.conf. I think the best way is to fix in new version, because if anybody fix it with this instructions and then update module all changes will gone and you will have problems with your custom-contexts and early dial.

If you want to fix that you need to edit manually your extensions_aditional.cnf file and put ; before line in all your context:

;include => yourcontext_bad-number
:include => bad-number

Then you need to edit /var/www/html/admin/modules/customcontexts/ and remove or comment this lines: