Grandstream display not showing Lines

Hi everyone, this seems like a fairly simple issue but I cannot find a way to show the lines on the phone. Registered or unregistered, used to be in Green and/or red, and I could have it listed by name/extension/extension-name/name-extension. When I log into the phone through the web GUI I can see all settings and verify that it is working. I can also dial out and receive calls. I’d really like the extension to be displayed on the screen with Green for registered and Red for unregistered, any have any ideas where I should start looking?

Phones: Grandstream GXP-2140
FreePBX: Fully updated today, hosted by CyberLynk, Using Endpoint Manager

What Epm are you using. OSS or paid.

I have had this happen with oss.

Paid Commercial Module.

Appears that my template didn’t have the line buttons defined. Don’t ever recall setting this up but seems to be working as expected.