Grandstream 1450 disabling outbound CID.[SOLVED]

Asterisk 1.8.?

When using Grandstream 1450 configured with FreePBX Endpoint manager, outbound callerID (number) goes out as unknown.

Aastra phones and softphones report callerid properly.

I have a customer with these phones, and his cold calls are being rejected because of this. He is losing business.
I have spent 2 days working towards a solution. The only solution I can suggest at this time is drastic. Replace the phones!

Anyone else have any suggestions?

A rather simple solution, but many unbilled hours, perhaps I will save someone some grief.

Go into the Web Gui of the Grandstream.
Under Accounts,
Set send all calls to ‘anonymous’ It says callerID will be blocked.

I know it sounds crazy, but what this does is send out a callerid of '1234567890’
Now Under FreePBX, edit Outbound SipTrunk to Force Trunk CID.