Grammar and language buffs

I am going through the ui and putting on the polish for the upcoming 13 release. My focus is on style but I know there are typos and other errors. As you work within FreePBX please take note of these errors and file a ticket at . You may put multiple errors from a single module in to a single ticket.

Also if you have suggestions on improving tool tips please file an improvement ticket at again, multiple tooltips within a single module may be filed together.

Thanks for using FreePBX

Hehe, couple of notes James

langusage is inventive but not in many dictionaries.

I think you should keep on using English and not switch to Polish . . . :slight_smile:

(sorry, I couldn’t resist)

Zero irony intended. Murphy said in his law, this post should not have been made on a mobile device.

hehe, I still can’t get my droid with chrome to enter a \n
but a good Ide, I’ll keep my eyes open . . .

Regatds Dciko


LOL Dicko :smiley:

I’ll be on the lookout, I’ve been biting my tongue after being told that being a grammar Nazi was not a good way to make friends…but now… :stuck_out_tongue: