Got my hands on an Adtran TA 616 TDM T1 Router, can this be used with Asterisk via a T1 Card or otherwise?

Got my hands on an old Xpedius Adtram Total Access 616 TDM router, 3rd Gen I believe, just wondering if there is any way to make this thing an endpoint for my * box? maybe via a TE110P card? Any other methods? MGCP? Surely not SIP? Not real familiar with these as in the past when they came my way I would call adtran, do the challenge key thing, default the unit and simply sell it on eBay…(makes for a nice little side income for a fulltime interconnect tech :slight_smile: )

Any suggestions? If I can’t use it, anybody have a use for it willing to throw some dinero my way? I’ve also got a TA 608 on eBay right now as well… PM me for info on that, don’t see a need for 2 of these :slight_smile: