GoogleVoice module & Elastix

Hi everyone,

I installed the Google Voice module to the FreePBX interface embedded into Elastix. I was able to configure the module and get Google Voice outbound calls working just fine. However, in doing so, the module ended up breaking the Elastix GUI. In particular, the PBX tab. I can force it to go into the Elastix GUI by telling it what tab to go to with a URL like ht.tps://elastixserverip/index.php?menu=system , however, the PBX tab still doesn’t function.

This seems to be an issue that several others have had. Frank, at the Elastix forum, has submitted a bug fix to the Elastix team, however, I’m not sure if this is more of a module side issue.

If anyone can please advise of a fix, I’m sure the asterisk userbase would be grateful. =0)

Thank You,