Google Voice

i installed FreePBX stable distro 1.1010.210.62-3 and this is the info that sys admin shows when i web into the GUI:

PBX Firmware: 1.1010.210.62-3
PBX Service Pack:

FreePBX is version

Asterisk is version 10.10.0

Part 1

i have a google voice account that i would like to connect to the PBX but i wasnt about to find a good how to guide.

i did find a forum post that had some info

since the asterisk version wasnt the same, i didnt want to add that module.

assuming i can get Part 1 to work, i also have a part 2

Part 2

is there a compatibility list of IP phones that work with freepbx?

i would like to purchase a used ip phone and configure that to work with freepbx, which would be using Google Voice as a trunk.


edit- this is for a home/test lab. the home has an existing phone line (nothing to do with freePBX) and 911 services are not needed for freepbx/google voice.


Google Voice is known to be broken in Asterisk 10. Asterisk 10 is not LTS and therefore is more like a ‘testing’ branch of Asterisk.

thank you. since i installed freepbx distro, the image contained asterisk and freepbx. it sounds like i have to find a distro that has an earlier release of asterisk on it. do you know which free pbx distro that is?

also, can you, or anyone else, confirm that these phones are compatible?

i have read that the cisco 7960 is

but i would like to purchase the color version, the 7970, if that one is compatible.

thank you.

No, you simply need to search 7970 in the forums and answer your own question.

The subject of using Call Manager phones on Asterisk and FreePBX has been discussed 1000’s of times.

thanks. i will try that next.

edit- part of the reason for posting was to see if anyone did it with the same build i am using. it does me no good if the info provided is from a build that is dated.

Phone support doesn’t change from build to build.

very true, still have the GV issue though. i dont need the phones if GV doesnt work on the build i have. i will gladly down grade if there is a built it does work with, though.

i didn’t specify, my mistake.

thanks for the reply.

Google voice works pretty well in 1.8 and 11

thank you for that. is there a guide/module for it?

believe me when i say that i am searching. sometimes it is good/bad having access to 1000s of articles/threads/etc…it can become overwhelming knowing where to start.

i am going to buy a used cisco 7970 phone and start from there. i have been reading some posts and i am slightly confused on a few things, but i want to be able to try it out and see what works.

if anyone has anything the share, feel free to do so.


edit- are you saying that my freePBX GUI is too new and that the asterisk version i have is slightly dated?

does this community/freepbx not work well with cisco phones?

or am i just not asking in the correct forum?