Google Voice

Hello all, I am new to FreePBX. Just downloaded and installed on an old dell computer I had laying around. I was intending on using it as a phone server for my google voice number to act as a home phone type setup. I know I dont have 911, and thats not my issue.

After setting up using the google voice addon under the third party addon, I have it where I can call out using my google voice number. The problem is receiving calls. It seems that since I have added this server, my google account is acting odd. I must have configured the inbound routing wrong. The problem is in the google voice settings with google, when I have calls forwarded to google chat, outside numbers calling google voice get the error “we’re sorry but it seems that the number you have tried to dial has been disconnected. Please try again.” or something to that affect. As soon as I turn off the forwarding to google chat, the number works again. Anyone have any help or things I should look for? I am really new to this setup and any help would be appreciated.


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