Google Voice Trunk Bug?

I signed up for GV and received “X” as the phone no. I then ported my home number ("Y) w/ Callcentric to AT&T wireless and then to Google voice essentially replacing “X”. Thus, “Y” was ported to and now resides with GV.

My FreePBX works fine if I keep the OutBound Caller ID in my Google Trunk as “X”. However, if I move to the Trunk and erase the Outbound Caller ID for GV (leave it blank) or change it to “Y”, the calls come in and after 5 rings, the system mysteriously hunts extensions.

I have no ring group set-up/instruction to hunt. If I keep the Outbound caller ID as “X”, there is no hunt, and after 5 rings my voicemail message is played as I would expect and desire.

Also, I saw your comment about dead incoming calls, so I will try pressing “1” to see if that helps. Very frustrating though, and wish I had known before I ported my landline to GV.