Google Voice Setup on Asterisk Ver. 11.2.1 what is the next step?


I’m using Asterisk (Ver. 11.2.1) which has a New feature specifically for adding Google Voice. It appears straight forward with AUTO setup, but I just read articles that confuses me.

Does this version automatically install everything needed for Google voice to work correctly? My status says connected and is green?

I setup Google Voice[Motif]using my Google criteria.
Google Voice Username? This is your google voice login. If don’t you supply ‘@domain’ we will append ("[email protected]")
Google Voice Password? "my password here"
Google Voice Phone Number? "10 digit number here"
Edit Trunk? "ON"
Edit Outbound Routes? "ON"
Send Unanswered to Google Voicemail "ON"
Status: “Connected”

Do I have to edit RTP configuration,Motif configuration,XMPP Configuration,Phone configuration,Dialplan configuration and
can anyone tell me what steps are next to make outgoing calls using either BLINK or X-Lite5? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.