Google Voice No Inbound Sound

I have sipstation lines and GV lines attached to my box. All of a sudden the GV lines are having problems. The sipstation lines work no problem. When calling out on the GV line outbound sound works fine but there is no inbound sound. If someone calls in on the GV line everything works. Whats happening here?

It doesn’t feel like its a nat issue since the sipstation lines work no problem.

Freepbx 14.0

Google announced the GV was being shut off for XMPP support which is how asterisk connects to GV.

Ok, that makes sense. Is there any work around yet? or plans for one? It looks like OBI has made one for their devices.

That would take the Asterisk team to change how asterisk works and try and reverse engineer what Obi did as a partnership with Google.

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I would crosspost this to

I haven’t tried this but you might have a look at:

I also found this:

Sounds like there might be a solution for this but it isn’t supported yet so some trial and error.

This is interesting. I just spent my day trying a number of different versions of motif or freepbx. From my past working check point.

Here is an update that might help someone else. The GV motif that has an option for oauth 2.0 doesn’t actually use oauth to connect to gv it uses xmpp. I was able to get it to connect with oauth but still had the same problems, meaning it uses xmpp.

Well it wasn’t the solution I was hoping for but I bit the bullet and bought a OBI200 box. Then after many hours of work it is now working. I was able to connect 2 GV lines to the box and then using a peer to peer SIP trunk do 2 separate trunks so I wouldn’t have to do some annoying dial plans. It works for now. It would be nice if Freepbx would come out with a new module but until they do this is a good enough patch. I Had to do a lot of tweaking to make it work as well as the GV motif used to work. It seems to be reliable so far. I have a few more OBI boxes on the way to get more lines back up. It felt like 2012 again before the motif.

Hope this helps someone.

Incorrect. It uses oauth2 to authenticate. The same as it would authenticate with plaintext using a username and password. It’s always used XMPP. So for XMPP Google Voice there are two types of authentication, oauth 2 and plaintext.

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