Google voice/Motif DTMF stopped working

Hello everyone,

I just upgraded to the latest freepbx distro from Asterisk 14 to Asterisk 15 and DTMF over Google Voice (Motif) has stopped working.

I have a google voice trunk that has worked great up until now, I am showing no errors in my logs. Does anyone have any more insight into why it may not be working?

Even when I pick up the call on my handset I am not hearing DTMF tones when dialing in through a Google voice trunk.

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  1. Does that GV account show connected? (Green)
  2. Post a call log, might be something there you missed :wink:

I wound up going back to asterisk 14, all works well now. I have another machine I’m going to install an instance on and will post the call logs, just because i’d like to stay with the latest release.

I did not notice anything unusual or different than what is going on now, just DTMF works.

It’s very strange, using the same configuration as I was on asterisk 15.

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I have another instance setup but cant post logs, when I try to I get a “New users cant post links” message popup. Seems something in the log files is hitting a filter, I tried manipulating them but have not found out what exactly the filter is catching on here.

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Post the link like this: pastebin com/url

I have this problem too. DTMF works on regular SIP trunks on IVR selection but google voice trunk DTMF IVR selection no longer works. It was working yesterday.

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