Google Voice module password limit

I have been having trouble keeping my google voice trunk connected until I figured out what the problem was. In trying to be security conscious I have a long password (40 characters). I figured out that the FreePBX Google Voice module only accepts a 30 character password max and truncates the password in /etc/asterisk/jabber.conf. When I edit jabber.conf and enter the correct password I am connected until the next time the FreePBX modules are reloaded. I can change my password to 30 characters to keep the trunk registered but I am curious is there a technical reason as to why there is a password limit?


markrmcs, I suggest you submit a bug ticket on that one, the assigned developer can then take a look and either fix or respond as to why it is limited to 30 characters.

EDIT: In my response to you I didn’t catch that you were using the older Google Voice modules with jabber.conf you would need to look at the Github links below. On FreePBX 2.11 and Asterisk 11 Google Voice connectivity is managed by the “Motif” module, and is supported within the FreePBX ticketing system.

I will do that.

Thanks Preston

You are probably looking for this: